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Tarot & Divination Readings (1 Hour)


Tarot, psychic & divination readings to help guide your way and provide spiritual insights. We can discuss as many questions as you may have throughout the time you have booked or you may wish to focus on a general reading about your life. I will give you my honest, loving and real advice, without holding anything back in order to help you as much as I possibly can.

After booking your appointment with me, I will contact you via the email address you have provided within 24 hours to confirm the details for your confidential audio call or email reading.

To Book A Reading: Select the time for your reading on the calendar below in your time zone to book your appointment. You must select a time for your reading below and click “book now” to add it to your cart so the order can be purchased. Please make sure that your contact email address is correct.


The tarot was the first place that I began to access occult and psychic abilities and that knowledge can be shared with you. Through over a decade of working as a professional tarot reader and serving as a tarot teacher, I can provide spiritual guidance though any of life’s scenarios. Sometimes we wish to consult the tarot for scenarios pertaining to our regular lives, mystical and paranormal insights, divination and decision making, or just to learn more about ourselves to figure out where our journey will take us next. The tarot is a map of the universe that reveals its truths and our own unto us.

Tarot readings are conducted through a private audio call or to your email and a photo will be emailed of the cards from your full tarot reading.



30 minutes, 60 minutes