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Succubus & Incubus: Spirit Companion Video Course


This video course is for anyone seeking a deeper connection to the unseen and a chance to enrich their love life with magic or those who already have a spirit companion and want to connect with them more deeply. Learn my personal methods for conjuring the succubus and incubus spirits and the love rites I have written to help develop your connection with spirit companions. Explore the different benefits of working with these spirits from my experiences of working with them and how to enhance your practice.

Total course length = 3 hours and 43 minutes

The course contains pre-recorded video classes that you can re-watch at your convenience. Upon purchase of the course, you will receive the video class links in your order’s confirmation email.
*Please ensure your email address is correct to receive the course links.

Succubus & Incubus: Spirit Companion Video Course

Ready to invite a magical spark into your life? Learn my personal methods for conjuring a spirit companion, the incubus and succubus spirits and how to develop your connection to interact with them in your own rituals. These are helpful spirits that are carefully summoned through witchcraft and love rituals. Learn how to welcome a powerful ally from the unseen realm to open the gateways of love magic, through their love and beyond – or learn to work with spirits that are already aligned with you and take your connection to the next level.

This isn’t about quick or forceful magic. It’s about learning how to build a lasting connection with a spirit. You’ll learn:

  • My personal detailed rituals and meditations to open yourself to the spirit companion world.
  • How to work with your spirit companion depending on different situations and level of skill.
  • Methods for identifying and attracting the perfect spirit companion for you.
  • Simple and advanced practices to nurture and deepen your bond with your new friend.

This isn’t a shortcut to happiness, but a transformative journey. Through respectful interaction and mutual growth, you’ll discover:

  • Enhanced intuition, love and creativity.
  • Powerful protection from negativity.
  • A deeper understanding of yourself and the world around you.
  • A constant source of support and encouragement.

Detail of the Course Outline:

Class 1. Introduction to Spirit Companions

-Different kinds of succubus and incubus spirits. What happens when we interact with these spirits and what it feels like in our intimate situations and beyond.

-Finding out what type of spirit companion is right for you. What are the benefits of working with these spirits and what can happen to us from interacting with them.

Class 2. Otherworldly Lovers in the Occult & Witchcraft

-How to bring incubus and succubus spirits into your life. Methods that the spirit companions can be called depending on their spirit type.

-Examples of historical occult authors who have worked with spirit companions, what they learned and what we can learn from them.

Class 3. Love Magick in Spiritual Rituals

-Otherworldly spirits and how they help our evolution through intimacy with us. The Watchers and empowering humanity, Lilith, the brides of Samael, King Asmodeus and succubus spirits in biblical lore.

-Intimacy rituals in ceremonial magick, the essentials to love making magick and how this can be applied with spirit lovers.

Class 4. Personal Method for Conjuring Succubus and Incubus Spirits

-Explaining the formulate that I developed to conjure spirit companions and how it works in detail. We go through the ritual for the first time and I explain it to you.

Class 5. Full Spirit Companion Activation Ritual

-Showing the ritual items that I use to prepare for the conjuring.

-Full spirit companion ritual recording from one of my past succubus conjurations that you can watch to practice your own rites. This section includes the ritual text that I have written on the video screen to follow along.

Class 6. Creating Space for Your Spirit Companion

-Creative ways to consecrate a space or talisman for your spirit lover depending on your level of openness with them and the amount of space or privacy available to you.

Class 7. Rites and Spells to Develop Your Connection Further

-How to work with your spirit companion. Personal rituals and methods to develop your connection with them. Exercises to enhance your psychic senses to feel and understand their interactions with you for various levels of ritual practice.

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