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Spiritual Coaching / Consultation Services (30 Minutes)


Talk to me one-on-one for help & guidance:

  • Discussing your personal spiritual experiences.
  • Spiritual mentorship and coaching.
  • A one-on-one lesson to help teach you magick, the tarot, or other spiritual skills.
  • Helping you to manage paranormal experiences, ie: demons, incubi or succubi.
  • Refining your magical process by discussing your witchcraft and magical practice and providing advice.
  • Giving insights to your spiritual journey when you are feeling lost, scared, confused or simply if you do not know what to do next.

Consultations are conducted through a private audio call or email. After booking your appointment with me, I will contact you via the email address you have provided within 24 hours to confirm the details.

To Book An Appointment: Select the time for your consultation/mentorship on the calendar below in your time zone to reserve it. You must select a time for your appointment below and click “book now” to add it to your cart so the order can be purchased. Please make sure that your contact email address is correct.


The experiences of our paranormal world can be quite difficult to navigate alone. Let me help you deal with the spirit world in your life through private counsel. We can discuss any questions you may have in regards to supernatural experiences, magical theory and practice, how to perform and create your own ceremonial rituals, initiation into spiritual currents, working with the spirits in diverse traditions, guidance for direction on your journey as a witch, or how to handle paranormal situations. These consultations are for how you wish to use this direct dialogue with me. We can talk about your experiences or perhaps you are seeking a personal lesson in spiritual arts to help teach yourself or others. No matter how strange your situations may seem, I will believe you because I have over 20 years of experience in this field as a ceremonial magician, psychic medium and witch.

I know first-hand that reality is strange in nature and the world of the spirits is real and part of our existence. I will provide my honest, experienced and educated advice to help you through a one-on-one, confidential phone consultation.