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Custom Spellwork & Ritual Magick


Let me help bring magick into your life with a custom ritual. Through my expertise in various systems of ceremonial magick, theurgy, and witchcraft, I can create a custom ritual spell for your specific needs and perform the ritual for you in a video. Each ritual is scheduled around the proper astrological timing and lunar phases for the most potent magick depending on the type of rite. We will discuss the specific details of your custom ritual together via phone or email. (check below for examples of custom ritual types)

Once the scheduled date of your ritual arrives, I will record your ritual as a video so you can watch the full ritual experience in the video along with me, to ensure you know your personal ritual was completed. Your ritual video will be sent via email 1 to 3 days after your scheduled ritual’s date. If you are unsure about the type of ritual that you want, we can discuss that together beforehand and I will help you decide based on my professional experiences. You will be contacted by Orlee Stewart via your email provided upon ordering to discuss your ritual within 24 hours of ordering and to answer any questions you may have. If you have any questions about your desired ritual before ordering, you can contact

Examples of custom ritual types:

– Ritual of protection from your enemies

– Attract love or a soul-mate into your life

– Succubus & Incubus Spirit Companions

– Demonic, angelic or planetary influence by a helpful spirit

– Spells for sexual empowerment and glamour

– Wealth and abundance blessings for your business

– Remove energetic links to another person

– Receive a channeled message from an entity or deity that I evoke

– Activate and enhance your psychic abilities

– Initiation into the vampiric current of Lilith

– Exorcism and cleansing rites for purification

– Spells for justice & peace in your home

– Create a pact with Satan, a demon or other spirit

– Summon a spirit guardian to assist your life’s goals

– Road Opening to remove obstacles

– Ancestral Veneration to Honor the Spirits of the Dead


Ritual types that I will not perform:

-I will not perform baneful rites or curses to cause harm to others

-I do not perform rituals involving animal sacrifice

-I will not do love spells to target another specific person or force anyone against their will