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Summon Demons (Ars Goetia) Video Course


Through extensive study and experimentation with summoning the demons of The Ars Goetia to physical form for over a decade, I have determined which elements of the grimoire provide the most direct and effective ways to create a relationship between the Goetic demons and magicians who wish to work in union with them. The structure of The Lesser Key of Solomon’s Ars Goetia has been analyzed and explained for you, step by step. We also go beyond what is in the grimoire, to learn how to develop a personal connection to the demons of your choice, the abilities that they can bestow upon you and methods to enhance your communication.

Course length = 5 hours

The course contains pre-recorded video classes that you can re-watch at your convenience. Upon purchase of the course, you will receive the video class links in your order’s email.
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This course bestows the secrets of how to understand the formulae of demonic theurgy where you will learn how to create your own Goetic evocations. Through over 5 hours of detailed video classes, we will uncover the mysteries that the Goetic demons can reveal to us through summoning them. I expand greatly upon the text with knowledge from my personal teachers, including: how to decipher the communication received from demonic entities to test your results and how to further work together with the demon to offer it a favor in return for its help unto you. This course will provide the deepest understanding and connection to the world of demons hidden within The Goetia.

Part 1. Understanding The Ars Goetia

Through understanding the structure of this book from The Lesser Key of Solomon, we learn to transform the material from that grimoire for the purposes of working in harmony with the demonic kingdom. By practicing this art, the magician will forge their personal relationship with the demons they evoke through learning how to create their own black magick rituals out of The Goetia’s ritual structure. The process is initiated by deciphering the components of The Goetia in order to completely understand various elements which aid in the evocation of spirits to physical form and the communication with demons in order for your desires to be granted. We begin with a brief historical journey of the text’s origins, linking it to King Solomon and its transformation through time.

The value of this magical work is then explored through my personal experiences and years of experiments with the Goetic demons and ceremonial magick. There are many benefits to demonic evocation that can transform a magician and their entire world, so I cover both what can be obtained in the realms of material gain and also how to develop a relationship with the demons for self transformation and alchemy. We discuss the process as a journey through creating a new reality in concert with the infernals and this course will provoke inspiration into what possibilities await those who wish to practice this dark art.  The aspects of The Goetia which no longer serve a contemporary magician are analyzed and regenerated through creative metamorphosis in order for the key pieces of information to be utilized to their fullest potential.

Part 2. Application of Seals & Sigils

The different components of The Ars Goetia are deciphered in order for us as black magicians to be able to reap the benefits of this text which has been obscured by religious fears. We will discover the aspects of the grimoire which have been restricted historically and through this, empower ourselves with the knowledge unveiled and learn how to work with it. The demonic hierarchy is explicated to allow magicians to choose which demon will best work with their circumstances as well as how to summon each particular ranking. The significance of the magical demonic sigils and seals is also explained to instruct upon the supernatural abilities that the seals bestow and how this spiritual technology functions.

The creation of demonic magical seals is revealed through a variety of methods to guide you through ways to make your own. This process involves various components which are elaborated upon based on my personal revelations into this artform combined with channeled knowledge, initiation and study which has aided in my abilities to manifest spirit portals, which I share. We will incorporate the sciences of calculating planetary magick and astrology into the traditional methods of creating seals from The Goetia to create powerful ritual objects with traditional methods of exorcism and my own inventions as well in construction and consecration.

Section 3. Magical and Ritual Implements

Through articulating particular magical diagrams found within The Goetia which illustrate how to compose successful demonic evocations, we further our understanding of ritual composition to absolute power. The Magical Circle of Solomon is explained in relation to how it can become the magician’s center of power with instructions on multiple examples provided, so that you will learn how to create your own in various ways based on your needs. We also take the magical Triangle of Solomon and place it into the hands of darkness to enhance our rites. The ceremonial vestures, Pentacle and Hexagram of Solomon as well as the Secret Seal and Vessel of Brass are also interpreted through a contemporary magician’s perspective.

The ability to communicate to spirits through what is called scrying is explored through different methods. Techniques to train one’s consciousness and visionary abilities are introduced to empower magicians with multiple ways to receive messages from the demons evoked. I also show you how to test the results from channeled messages to provide insights into proving the knowledge received from spirits has arrived from preternatural intelligences instead of your imagination. These teaching will provide those who wish to summon demons through The Goetia with insights beyond that which is contained within the grimoire.

Section 4. Evocation in Practice

We will go through the ritual formulae from The Ars Goetia, step by step, in order to fully understand the occult knowledge within the ritual structure which is designed to help the spirits manifest to physical form.  Preliminary invocations are exemplified in order to prepare those who wish to conjure forth spirits. New ritual materials through my black magick lineage of various teachers are given along with the orations from the Lesser Key of Solomon through demonstrations of the rites. These rituals are performed and included along with an exploration of “The Invocation of The Bornless One” and “The Enochian Keys” as incorporated into his practice by The Great Beast, Aleister Crowley.

The entire process of Goetic theurgy is broken down into each part of the ritual to help you understand how to create your own rituals through the structure of this art. The conjurations are learned through my experiences of summoning demons by an approach that develops a relationship between the magician and demon instead of one of fear as the text evokes. The understanding of how to communicate to the spirit once it is in your ritual space is explained along with how to welcome it unto you and to end the ritual with your requests being formulated to fulfillment, the spirit treated with respect and how to develop a psychic link between yourself and the demon.

Section 5. Summoning a Spirit with The Ars Goetia

Final helpful techniques are provided in addition to the instructions within The Goetia itself. These methods are what have brought success to my personal practice and are deeply helpful in nourishing the scientific process involved in spirit evocation to enable the best possible results.  We learn methods to keep a magical journal to obtain knowledge from the demonic kingdom and the many ways that demons can communicate to us in order for us to commune with them. We also discuss the black magician’s ability in doing something in return for the demon’s favor. The entire ritual structure of The Ars Goetia in the hands of a black magician is then performed in detail with a live Goetic evocation of the demonic Prince Seere in order to demonstrate the entire process.